More appointments, more stress, not a lot more answers…

As we continue to investigate a health issue with my son, we visited another doctor at a Children’s Hospital today. He was helpful, listened well and provided some advice, but overall, I don’t think that we’ve gained much more ground than another referral. A referral is better than being told to go away, but it involves more watching and waiting.

Part of the challenge is the food sensitivity issue. There definitely doesn’t seem to be a lot of support with this from conventional doctors and honestly, as a parent, it can be really difficult to decipher all of the information. I know I have seen improvement for myself personally, but there has not been a lot of improvement yet with my son. I can’t decide whether to give it time, or ease up a little on the restrictions.

We have also had him taking some dietary supplements, such as magnesium, probiotics, omega vitamins and B vitamins, again, there was not a lot of support for this route.

I just hate feeling powerless and at least if I am trying to help him with alternative remedies, it seems like I am doing something positive.