Seeing the light…

Two weeks ago I took my daughter for another allergy prick test (I don’t know the official name for these). She is still allergic to eggs, as suspected. The coconuts that we had been avoiding did not come back positive.

I was surprised to see another change. The two nuts, cashews and walnuts, did not react. There was a very minor redness around peanuts and pecans. But, the doctor felt it was not enough to consider a reaction.

We were sent for blood work to confirm the prick test. We tested for eggs, a variety of nuts and seeds. I found out this week that the only allergy that she has, according to the blood work, is egg whites. The yolk test came back at a lower level.

The next step is to go for a challenge test at a hospital. The doctor has said that this test will help us to understand the severity of the allergy to egg whites. Fingers crossed that we can cross yolks off the list too!