Allergies don’t take a vacation

As a mom, it can be taking a young child on vacation when they have a food allergy. Fine, we can take our Epipen with us, but it is something that I hope to never use.

We recently went on vacation and had some hits and misses:

  • Menchie’s serves sorbet that is gluten, dairy and egg free. My kids enjoyed the watermelon. Peanuts are mentioned as an allergen – but my daughter is not allergic to those.
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop was a pure miss for our family. I think my daughter could have eaten the candy apple but the potential for cross-contamination with nuts was high for all of the products. The fudge contained eggs. The chocolate contained milk. There were definitely coconut and nut products galore in the shop, so it was completely out.
  • The ice cream shop at our resort did not offer any alternative ice creams (e.g. soy milk based) or a dairy-free sorbet. Definitely a miss!
  • We were able to find  burgers/buns (gluten free and dairy free, I did not ask about eggs as my daughter wasn’t interested) and pizza (gluten, dairy and egg free).
  • I carried Wow Butter, homemade banana bread (free of all allergens) and allergy-free breakfast bars for quick meals and snacks in a pinch in my bag. This paid off on more than one occasion.
  • I was concerned at Sunset Grill about cross-contamination with eggs and any food that we ordered. My daughter ate a Nutragrain Bar (from my purse) and had a fruit bowl to avoid the issue all-together.
  • I packed gummies that did not contain coconut oil as a ‘just in case’ treat for the hotel room.

It did take planning, but it was fun to get away!


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