Allergy Anxiety

On the Eve of another allergy test appointment for my 3 year-old, I am filled with anxiety and questions. Last fall, she was diagnosed with the prick test of being allergic to eggs, cashews and walnuts.

Recently, she has been complaining of a ‘burning’ sensation in her mouth – the only link I can make is to coconut…so, back to the doctor for the allergy test. I want to test coconut and all nuts again. In addition, I am thinking it might be best to test for some seeds.

What foods will come up this time?

How will we manage if there are more?

Will the doctor take my concerns seriously?

Last fall, I found the doctor to be very dismissive when the test results came back. She felt my daughter might outgrow the egg allergy and stressed that things may change. It was comforting at the time, but I also felt very unprepared for what the following year would bring.

A year later and I am constantly checking labels, speaking with servers and restaurant staff. I am concerned about my daughter attending parties, the potential of pre-school, travelling away from home, leaving my daughter with a babysitter…all of these activities have brought on huge amounts of anxiety that I couldn’t predict when this all began.

I have learned a completely new way to bake without eggs in order to avoid even bringing eggs into the house. I am suspicious of bulk foods in general. The recent issue with coconut (including coconut oil) has made even gummy candies an issue (as coconut oil is often a coating on the candy).

Would a food allergy to coconut oil mean that she couldn’t have coconut oils in skin care products?

I hope to find some answers tomorrow and am wondering if there are other parents out there just like me that are filled with worry. But alas, we will surge forward, as I always feel that more information is better!


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